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CED Tandil thanks you for visiting our website and wants to let you all know that although Argentina is a country with a high level of inclusion and acceptance, we are far from not being discriminated against on the sole basis of our sexual orientation or gender identity under some situations. One of our main goals is reopening the support house Patricia Rasmussen, which was the first support house in Argentina and was closed due to economic difficulties. It should also be noted that there is no such other house in the country [as of October 2020].
Here is our brief history and do not hesitate to contact us through our mail or social media.
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Our history

Coexistence in Diversity was actually founded in the City of Moreno, Province of Buenos Aires, in 2013, at that time Santiago Valentino Coceres assumed as first president, over time the group grew and Nair Rinero took over.

In 2015 two of the fellow founders settled in the City of Tandil, where in April, shortly after arriving, they were invited to have some «mate» at the house of a fellow activist who saw the need to organize ourselves in the city. So, we started with the weekly meetings and finally on June 12, 2015, the organization (CED Tandil) was officially founded.

In June of that year, we filed a complaint and lawsuit before the Secretary of HIV-AIDS of the Ministry of Health of the Nation for violation of laws and protocols of care of the Integrated Health System regarding  minors. This complaint reached the highest level and those protocols were overturned.

In August 2015, the Extension Secretary of UNICEN (National University of the Center of the Province of Buenos Aires) invited us to lecture about diversity, an event widely covered by local media.

Day by day our organization gained strength and began to hold permanent activities both with other organizations and on the streets; this led to the First LGBTIQ Provincial Meeting of the Province of Buenos Aires in April 2016, along with the Secretary of Extension of UNICEN. Almost 120 representatives of social organizations, Universities, Foundations and representatives of the National, Provincial  and local governments attended and designated Tandil as the provincial LGBTIQ capital for two days.

On April 24 of that year, the first pride march was organized, drawing more than 1,500 people under the slogan of «A City Free of Discrimination», which counted with the participation of seventy artisans, vendors and local social organizations.

A number of activities were already  carried out by then, including workshops, talks, street visibility, video debates, «mates» on public walks, paperwork, legal interventions, etc.

In August 2016, the first care and support home for LGBTIQ was opened,  and was named  «Patricia Rasmussen», an activist with extensive experience across the country for her accompaniment and support of the most vulnerable people in the community, especially trans women.

That  same month we formed the Regional LGBTIQ of the center of the Province of Buenos Aires, responding to the towns and cities of Rauch, Ayacucho, Azul, Olavarría, Benito Juárez and Tandil, later Lobería, Balcarce and A. G. Chaves, which quickly joined it.

In August 2016, we participated with a stand in the XIV Tandil book fair.

CED Tandil initiated the program: «Tandil, city free of discrimination», in which we began to strongly summon and convene the social organizations as well as the presentation of Ordinance Projects in the Honorable Deliberative Council of Tandil. We also began to send some of the members of the Board of Directors to neighboring towns and cities to encourage the creation of new organizations or to support existing ones.

It was then when CED Tandil became  a member of the Argentine LGBT Federation (FALGBT) .

On October 17, 2016 the «First Conference on Sexual Diversity and Human Rights» was held in conjunction with the Tandil Lawyers Association, the National Coordination of Sexual Diversity dependent on the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation, trainers and consultants of the ITS Program / AIDS of the Ministry of Health of the Nation, ATTTA Chivilcoy and the Secretary of Extension of UNICEN.

In November 2016, we presented ourselves at the National LGBTIQ Encounter in Buenos Aires city, with an informative gazebo.

In April 2017, along  with the Argentine Red Cross – Tandil Branch, we participated in a day against street sexual harassment.

The aforementioned support and care house  was  officially opened  on July 1, 2017 with the presence of Patricia Rasmussen. In that same house, countless activities were carried out, we housed dozens of people and an average of five people lived in it permanently, including one person housed by provision of the Trafficking Commission of the Province of Buenos Aires. In addition to having more than ninety people who came to the support house during every day each month. This house was open until January 2019.

In September 2017 the NGO  presented a draft project to the Honorable Deliberative Council of Tandil for the creation of the Sexual Diversity Area in the Municipality, but in November, the Mayor created the Directorate of Gender and Diversity Policies , with the draft project being discarded.

In October of the same year, the NGO presented the proposal of creation of the trans work quota, which was approved a year later.

In November, our Teenage  and Youth Area participated for the first time in the  so-called «Cap March», a milestone in the city, ever since it was  the first time teenagers and young people were  visible in an organized way.

On December 1, 2017, along with the Secretary of Extension of UNICEN and the Argentine Red Cross – Tandil Branch, we carried out a visibility activity for the World Day to Fight HIV-AIDS.

Also in December, CED Tandil was incorporated as the LGBTI Civil Society Organization (Comprehensive approach tools for health workers) of the National Program for Comprehensive Health in Teenagers. This program depended  on the Ministry of Health of the Nation, being CED Tandil one of the four organizations in the entire territory of the Province of Buenos Aires to participate.

We celebrated Christmas and New Years with an open doors policy for those who wanted to spend it together.

In January 2018, CED Tandil joined AHF Argentina to start the process of conducting free and confidential rapid HIV tests, starting from its first activity, it strongly launched its «Rapid HIV Testing Center Tandil».

In February, the HCD of Tandil declared the activity of the Tandil HIV Rapid Testing Center of public interest.

In April 2018, together with the Secretary of Extension of UNICEN and the support of the Argentine Red Cross, the first free, confidential and voluntary mass testing was carried out at the Campus of the University in Tandil.

On May 8, the Municipality signed an agreement with CED Tandil, being present to sign, the Mayor Miguel Lunghi, Mrs. Marcela Romero (President of the Argentine LGBT Federation), Agustina Ayllon (President of the Provincial Institute of Gender and Sexual Diversity), Mr. Esteban Paulon, (deputy secretary of Diversity of the Province of Santa Fe), and others, in which the Municipality pledged to provide financial and feeding support until December of that year.

On July 6, 7 and 8, 2018, along with AHF Argentina and with the sponsorship of the Secretary of Extension and the Secretary of Student Welfare of UNICEN and the Secretary of Human Rights of the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires and the collaboration of the Ministry of Development of the Nation, the NGO sponsored the Health Days for a more inclusive society, providing training in rapid HIV-AIDS testing centers. This three-day activity allowed the training of representatives of social organizations of the Province of Buenos Aires and members of the Municipalities of Lincoln, Necochea, Chacabuco, Junín, Balcarce and Las Flores. , Dr. Marita Polifroni, from Tandil, the Secretary of Social Development in charge of the Inclusive Municipal office, Councilors, the Directorate for Children and Teenagers, the Directorate for Gender and Diversity Policies, representatives of the FALGBT and the Metropolitan Community Church of Tigre, was present as well.

In July, with the support of CED Tandil, the Tandil Mission of the Church of the Argentine Metropolitan Community was founded.

CED Tandil also publicly founded the commissioning of INADI (National Institute Against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism), where complaints were received from people who were perceived to be discriminated against for whatever reason.

In July, the ESI Training Center (Comprehensive Sexual Education under National Law) was formalized, offering CED Tandil with training to teachers, citizens and giving talks  in secondary schools, tertiary schools and Universities both in our city and in neighboring ones.

Also, a seminar on sexual diversity and HIV-AIDS testing was held in the town of Rauch, the seminar was carried out in conjunction with five local organizations and the participation of the Student Center of the local Technical and Teacher Training Institute.

The draft ordinance to declare the Day for the promotion of the rights of Trans people of municipal interest was presented in the HCD of Tandil, being unanymously approved on June 28, 2018.

In January 2019, facing serious economic hardships, the house of support and care was closed. Under this situation, more than thirty organizations, including social organizations of 18 Argentine Provinces made an open call to avoid the closure, a situation that could not be reversed.

In February 2019, the Argentine Red Cross, through the Tandil Branch, invited us to give a talk on sexual diversity at the National Meeting of Young Leaders.

In the same month of February, Facundo Manes invited one of our members to the National meeting of social leaders, in which he actively participated.

In April, we participated as part of the first march of dissidents and diversity.

In May 2019, the new offices of CED Tandil, INADI, ESI Training Center and the Tandil HIV Rapid Testing Center were inaugurated.

Also in May, an agreement with psychologist David Meclazcke was signed, prompting  the creation of the Mental Health Area of CED Tandil, thus achieving free care for those who require the service and cannot afford it.

We met with the Honorable Deliberative Council of Ayacucho to advance in the implementation of the Diverse Office and the Trans Work  Quota.

In May we were visited by the Scientific Director for Latin America and the Caribbean of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Miguel Pedrola, and also Natalia Haag, National Coordinator of Prevention and Tests, and social psychologist Mirta Peralta (Coordinator of rapid test projects in the province of Buenos Aires).

In July, training took place to create a testing center with a larger number of specialized personnel.

In August, AHF Argentina provided a scholarship to a member of CED Tandil to take a University course on rapid HIV tests in community spaces of the Inter-American Open University.

In September 2019, the «Citizen Strengthening Day in Gender and Sexual Diversity» was  held, organized by the Secretary of Human Rights of the Province of Buenos Aires, the Directorate of Gender and Sexual Diversity policies of the Municipality, CED Tandil and the Federal Investment Council.

In November we accompanied and sponsored the Information and Awareness Workshop on Clinical and Social Aspects of HIV in Cosquin, Province of Cordoba.

That same month, we hosted an information stand and provided preventive material for the closing of the elective cycle of the BUD (Boca Única district Tandil) which was dependent on the Ministry of Education of the Province of Buenos Aires with students and teaching staff present from Necochea, Balcarce, Lobería and Tandil.

In November and December a campaign of rapid HIV tests was carried out in different parts of the City and at the University Campus along with Federal Consensus, GEN Party, Humanist Party, Socialists for Victory, Magario Movement V Section, SOMOS Tandil, CTEP, Evita Movement, Franja Morada Humanas Tandil and Casa del Pueblo Tandil.

On December 1, a visibility and rapid testing of HIV was taken for the International Day of Action and Response to HIV AIDS along with AHF Argentina, APL (National Legislative Staff Association), Argentine Red Cross Tandil Branch, Integrated Health System Public, Secretary of Extension of UNICEN and the Municipality of Tandil.

In January 2020, a collaboration agreement was signed between CED Tandil and the Tandil Cardiology Institute for the totally free study of comprehensive cardiovascular health and different conditions and diseases related to HIV and the people living with it in the CIty of Tandil.

In March and due to the quarantine imposed for the COVID-19 pandemic, we structured the delivery of food and other essential material at homes, nursing and care homes with registered nurses, therapeutic help with a psychologist, delivery of medicines, reaching a total of 380 people, including families. This was achieved through an agreement with the Ministry of Women and Diversity of the Nation and the local Municipality, as well as to the selfless contribution of the entire population.

In August, the Second LGBTIQ Provincial Meeting was held with Tandil being again designated LGBTIQ Provincial Capital for two days. (Via Zoom).

Statistical data:

Since the foundation of CED Tandil, 1,400 procedures have been carried out that included: repatriation, social assistance, complaints of discrimination, procedures in social works, civil registration, nationalization, educational, etc.

A total of more than 400 people were supported in peer and professional accompaniment.

Approximately 1,800 rapid HIV tests were performed.

Workshops, talks and / or trainings were given to some 2,200 young people at secondary, tertiary and university levels of education and / or teachers and personnel affected by education.

214 teachers have been trained in ESI since the program was created within CED Tandil.

32 people were trained in rapid HIV testing